FEATURED ARTIST WEEKEND: Bill Cockrell and his new CD “Dog’s Life”

This weekend we are featuring the music of Bill Cockrell once again. He has a new CD entitled Dog’s Life coming out on Tuesday, October 27th, but he’s letting us play it for you all weekend. The CD features 10 original tracks that follow the journey of downsizing everything just to the basics, a trip down Nova road, and a reflection on what it might be like to live a dog’s life, as well as many more. Bill seamlessly weaves a variety of styles into the songs on this excellent CD.

Listen for tracks from Bill every hour beginning Friday morning on The TikiPod. Click on the links below to preview or purchase his songs. Get more information about Bill Cockrell at www.billcockrellmusic.com.


The TikiTailgate is back tonight


Jimmy Buffett will be at the Hollywood Bowl tonight and we are getting you ready for the concert. Whether you’re tailgating for the show or getting ready to listen to the live stream, join the TikiTailgate. It’s simply the best Jimmy Buffett preparty. Tune is at 8 PM EST if you need more tiki in your tailgate.


The TikiTailgate Is Back Tonight


Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers are back on tour. Tonight they are in Sin City and we are hosting the best pre-party, the TikiTailgate! Tune in at 8PM EST and join the party.



This weekend we are featuring the music of Donny Brewer, a Texas born and bred multi-instrumentalist who has just released his second album,  Zimazala. Donny’s blend of musical styles will transport you to a sunny beach in the tropics. He is relatively new on the Trop Rock scene, but on Zimzala, Donny sounds like a well tropical troubadour.

We will be playing songs from both of Donny’s CDs every hour beginning Friday morning. You can preview tracks from both of his CDs on either iTunes or Amazon by clicking on the links below. To find out where Donny is playing next, visit his website.



New Music Monday: Jimmy Buffett Duets

NEW MUSIC MONDAY: Jimmy Buffett Duets

Today on NEW MUSIC MONDAY, we are featuring two brand new duets featuring Jimmy Buffett. The first is Sailboat For Sale off of Toby Keith’s brand new CD “35 MPH Town.” The second is a duet with Judy Collins off of her CD of duets entitled “Strnagers Again.” Listen to The TikiPod all day to get your first chance to hear these new tracks. Click the links below to purchase these songs and other Buffett duets through iTunes.






This weekend we are featuring the music of Kimié Miner, an artist out of Hawaii who blends Reggae, Hawaiian, Jazz, Soul, R&B and Pop on her self titled 11-track album which is being released this weekend. We will be playing her brand new songs as well as songs from her previous releases beginning Friday morning on The TikiPod. You can preview all of the tracks we are playing on iTunes by using the links below and you can visit Kimie Miner’s Website to learn more about this versatile artist.