NEW MUSIC MONDAY: Fred Locks and David O.

fred locks

Today on NEW MUSIC MONDAY, we are featuring the CD “Time To Shine” from Fred Locks and David O.

After an eight-year creative and personal journey, Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, and composer David Ondrick and Jamaica-based reggae pioneer, vocalist Fred Locks, present their first full-length collaboration Time To Shine (Duplex Music). It’s a soulfully enlightening album detailed and handcrafted with reverence to the Kingston 1970s tradition, brimming with imaginative musicality and youthful swagger.

Time To Shine represents the profound connections of two acclaimed musicians coming together from disparate backgrounds to deliver a universal message of love and unity. “On a global level, the songs on Time to Shine speak to all people, regardless of their work, occupation, or culture,” David O. says. “Fred and I believe now is the time for each of us to shine forth with an individual and personal clarity with the intention of uplifting all those around us. With this album we want to tip the balance one person at a time. “

Click on the links below to preview or purchase tracks from this great CD.


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